Straw Free Flagstaff is a collaborative community campaign led by the Azulita Project, City of Flagstaff, and other organizations with the goal to rid Flagstaff of single-use plastic straws.

Americans use hundreds of millions of drinking straws (and wrappers!) daily, and many of them are not disposed of properly. Straws are among the top 10 litter items found worldwide. No types of plastic straws are recyclable in Flagstaff, which means that each one used and disposed of here ends up in the landfill or as litter.


The Straw Free Flagstaff campaign encourages local businesses to either not offer straws at all, or offer straws by request only, and to provide compostable or disposable straws to customers as an alternative.

For businesses participating in the campaign we provide:

  • Training for managers/employees to implement new policies without sacrificing customer service.

  • Infographics for display, simply explaining the by-request policy and reasoning to customers. Click here to see all available infographics.

  • Promotion by Azulita Project as a responsible business.

Visiting a business that is not part of the Straw Free Flag network? As a consumer, you can help by politely refusing straws when you order drinks. If you like to use straws, you can bring your own reusable one!

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Banner photo by Roderick Eime, Creative Commons