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Evidence of Us

Evidence of Us

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‘Evidence of Us’ reveals the long shadow of pollution, overconsumption and waste cast by plastic use. From the bottom of the Grand Canyon to our oceans to our own backyards, this short documentary directed by QMedia questions what it means to be good stewards of our shared home. 

Our National Parks and Monuments are experiencing record visitation numbers. But as we encourage the public to experience these treasures, increased use has created an escalation in litter and plastic microtrash. ‘Evidence of Us’ investigates how legislative measures could provide lasting protection to these landscapes while creating a culture shift towards a Leave No Trace ethic founded on minimizing our footprint, reducing consumption and using reusable products. 

The Azulita Project is proud to be a convening partner of the #PlasticFreePresident campaign that names priority actions to address plastic pollution during President Biden’s first year.

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