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August 2018 Update:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We hope your summer has been treating you well. We wanted to share the difficult news that Azulita's recycling facility in Mexico is temporarily closed due to challenges in the international plastic market and other circumstances out of our control.

The recycling facility has kept well over 500 tons aka: 1,000,000 lbs, of plastic from polluting the ocean since its inception. The heart of the Azulita Project will continue to be outreach and education with an emphasis on marine plastic pollution and single-use plastic consumption. These efforts continue to live on at Azulita's project sites in Mexico and the United States.


Through our outreach and education, we will continue to bolster our efforts on the ground by working with local restaurants and other vendors to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. Our youth education program continues to grow and is making positive changes in our communities.

Here are some tips on how you can make a difference:

  • Refuse single-use plastic

  • Promote the bring-your-own lifestyle

  • Spread the Reduce Rethink Reuse message

  • Clean your beaches to capture ocean-bound plastic

  • Recycle/clean areas you go to visit, recreate and live

The global reality we are facing is a plastic consumption/pollution crisis. This is a wake up call for all to rethink, reuse and reduce.