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For an average event with food and drink, each attendee generates about a pound of waste during the event. With single-use disposable cups, utensils, plates and plastic trash bags, this adds up to a lot of plastic clogging our landfills just from one event. 

But there is a better way! The Azulita Project provides practical solutions to single-use plastic disposables with our Reusable Rentals cup, plate and cutlery rental program.


From potlucks, fundraising galas, community events to mid-range festivals, the Azulita Project can help you to reduce single-use plastics at your events.

In addition to our inventory below, the Azulita Project provides bins, signs, cup racks, and commercial dishwashing services to help provide a convenient and safe disposable-free experience. We also provide sanitizer for larger events for staff/volunteers to hand-wash beverage cups on-site.


All of our reusable plastic cups and tableware is BPA-free. Our inventory includes clear beverage cups that are preferred by bartenders and licensed venues for alcohol sales. 

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Cup Inventory

500 count 16 oz reusable clear plastic beverage cups 
200 count 12 oz reusable clear plastic beverage cups 
340 count  20 oz stainless steel cups
200 count 16 oz reusable opaque plastic Preserve cups  

Server Inventory

200 count large Preserve plates
200 count small Preserve plates
450 count metal forks, knives, and spoons

Note: Our cutlery was purchased from local thrift stores and does not have uniform look.



Please fill out the form to submit a rental request.


Questions? Email us!

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Interested in going the extra mile and hosting a Zero Waste Event? We can help you with that!

Learn more here.

To cover our operational costs of the program, including commercial dishwashing services, we have a small minimum rental fee.


We also require a deposit to cover any lost or unreturned inventory, which will be refunded at the full return of inventory.

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