In Flagstaff, the Azulita Project:

  • Consults local schools and business on reducing single-use plastic

  • Drives local awareness through print and digital media, plastic-free events, and conversations with local government

  • Hosts film and outreach events, including a partnership with Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

  • Raises funds to support both arms of the organization, in the US and Mexico


Happening in Flagstaff:

Straw Free Flag: Campaign to reduce prevalence of plastic straws and other single-use plastics in Flagstaff's service industry


The Last Straw: An award-winning short film by the kids

By Paul Perreault and students from Pine Forest Charter School in Flagstaff, AZ

Our oceans are in trouble. Plastic pollution is greater than ever and Earthlings are slow to change their ways.  A recent report suggesting there may be more plastic than fish in our oceans by the year 2050 has generated much discussion among the scientific community;  Is this truly possible? Can we project to 2050?

In this animation, we follow one brave extra-terrestrial in his crusade to save Earth. By using this shock narrative, he takes us on a journey through time; from the past, to the present and to a possible 2050 to illustrate what the world's oceans might look like if behavior remains unchanged. For the alien, this is 'The Last Straw.' Will he succeed in encouraging Earthlings to change their ways?

This film was one of the winners in the recent Youth Making Ripples Film Festival. This competition is an opportunity for K-12 students (< 18 years of age) to use their creative talents and serve as a voice for our oceans. These kids have won a $200 scholarship for their school, they will all join a shark tagging expedition in Florida later in the summer, and their film will tour the continental US in 2018.


Photos by Jen Slover

Behind the scenes of 'The Last Straw'