Plastic pollution is one of the primary threats to our planet.

In the United States, less than 8% of post-consumer plastic is recycled. The rest of this plastic waste ends up in landfills, along roadsides or in our rivers and oceans. 


Better sorting of recyclables at home would help, but the fact is that not all plastic or other materials that we think of as recyclable can actually be recycled.

A better solution is to REDUCE OUR USE.



We promote environmental conservation and community health through solution-based programs and education.

The Azulita Project was born from the desire to create a healthier and more environmentally sustainable world. We focus on reducing plastic use and waste in the communities of Flagstaff, Arizona, USA and Los Llanos, Guerrero, Mexico.



zero waste sticker

S45 is a collaboration that brings in-classroom and virtual lessons about consumption, pollution, and solutions to K-12 students.

reusable shopping bag

Azulita collects, cleans and recirculates reusable cloth bags for use at Flagstaff markets, events and businesses.

Mexico beach clean up

Volunteers with the Azulita Project's recapture program in Guerrero, Mexico, help keep plastic out of the Pacific Ocean.