In Los Llanos, the Azulita Project:

  • Incentivizes buy-back of used plastics
  • Builds and places recycling bins throughout the community
  • Sorts and compresses plastic into bails
  • Sources to responsible third-party buyers
  • Educates and engages local youth
  • Encourages local businesses to be responsible about plastic use

About Los Llanos:

The rural town in the state of Guerrero is located approximately 37 km north of the city of Zihuatanejo on the Pacific coast. It has a population of only 845, but is somewhat of a hub for several nearby mountain towns and beach communities. The local economy is rooted in agricultureprimarily coconuts and mangosand is supplemented by ocean fishing and tourism.

Playa Saladita is a beach community about 3km from Los Llanos. Fishing plays an important role in this community, and its beautiful beaches offer top-class surfing.

The Azulita Project recycling program positively impacts more than 100 km of Pacific Ocean shoreline. Before the project began incentivizing plastic collection, waste was burned or discarded in open pits. Now this plastic is safely removed from the environment and recycled.