Azulita Organica

Pato “Azulita” Leon is from Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan. Pato originally created the name Azulita for his brand of handmade silkscreened T-shirts and artwork. Azulita means "little blue" and is meant to embody the spirit of the feminine and the waters of mother earth. As an artist, surfer and teacher, Pato has a lot of passion, talent and is well educated in the principles of organic farming. For many years he has travelled throughout the region and all of Mexico and generously taught local farmers successful methods for creating organic fertilizers and natural pesticides. His practices embody the highest form of recycling, using local natural materials and turning them into rich compounds that nourish and protect plants, crops, farmers and consumers.

Pato's Azulita Organica project is operated as a separate entity by Pato himself. Please contact him directly for more information and to help support the organic movement.